Top 3 FREE iPhone Apps for Slots

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1.Slots-by-Shark-PartyEverybody who ever walked into a casino probably had pulled a lever or pressed a button on a machine that spins three or more reels who eventually stop to give you a chance of winning large amount of money. Only requirement is to hit a certain pattern. This type of machine is called a slot machine, or fruit machine, or pokies, or just – slots. They are the most popular gambling device in US casinos, where they contribute with as much as 70 percent average income. A rather derogative term “one- armed bandits” is sometimes used for these machines, but since modernization has changed some aspects of appearances in slot machines, the lever that gave that name to slots is being a rare breed, or is completely extinct.

The main reason why lever is not longer in use is the fact that slots are increasingly being played on computers, i.e. on online pokies sites. With mobile phones being constantly upgraded and with their performances being closer to actual desktop computers, it is not hard to predict where the next big market is for developers of software for slots. Android and iOS powered devices are already having a lot of apps to offer if you are interested in playing this game and here the best ones for your iPhone, and just to remind you – they are for FREE:
808e9d84494f13df4dafe8a7d1a1b8d8_screen21. SlotsTM (created by Storm8 Studios) is currently the best rated app available for free on iTunes. It is frequently updated and the most recent version is 1.7.3, which requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. This game offers a lot of popular Vegas themes with lots of different types of slot games, including free spins and frequent bonuses, all packed with smooth and stable performance on iPhone or iPad. One element that sometimes can cause problems to users is that you have to have constant connection to internet in order to play this highly addictive slots game.

2. Slots Tycoon – Free Casino Slot Machines (created by Zipline Gamers, Inc.) is another very addictive game of slots for your iPhone or iPad, and you can use it on slightly lower versions of iOS since it requires 4.3 or later. With great HD graphics, smooth and realistic sound and interesting themes and surrounding it provides the ultimate experience for playing online slots. Also, some of themes this game provides are done in retro fashion – so you can enjoy while listening to 18th century ball music, or have fun in an old-fashioned drive-in from the 1950s.


3. Slots of Gold (created by Avalinx LCC) is the game that requires highest version of your iPhone software because it only runs on iOS 6.0 or later. But, it is also the best pokies app for offline usage and this attracts a lot of gamers as well. Apart from that, what is also attractive to customers are daily bonuses, free credit reloads or free spins. Various themes are available in this app and you can enjoy in the age of Roman Empire or by the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

There are of course many more FREE iPhone apps for slot games, with Casino Master or Xtreme Slots probably deserving an honorable mention here, but when it comes to the top there is only room for one. Or, in this case – three.