Gambling – Is It Actual Luck Or Calculation ?

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Everyone sometimes likes to gamble. Thinking that luck plays an important role in life, people are more often to try themselves in games of chance. A dream that a Jackpot sign will show above slot or another gambling machine is shared between a huge numbers of online gamblers. And after every Reel spinning they are expecting that Jackpot result. But what it takes to justify the saying: „The house always wins“?

zzzA vice gamble will always exist because nobody would oppose if he could win an entire fortune quickly. Picking a type of gambling differs from person to person but usually slot machines are used. Game is simple: On the machine three pillars with fruit types are shown and the goal is to get the three same fruit types in those pillars. Each fruit type has its own multiplier which later represents a payment. Machine is programmed to take as much money as it cansince that’s owners goal. Of course, certain amount of money goes into the hands of players because people are mostly playing for money.

The idea of slot machines was mostly popular during the last century. Owners gained huge advantages by Internet and interactive web page design development. Players are now playing on a virtual slot machine, which means there is no need for buying the machine and there is no chance of damaging it.

System cannot be simpler. You should just type in browser words like “online slots” or “online casino” and you will get over a one million results and casino web pages. After registration, you can start playing. Pull the virtual lever and the fruit is spinning. Luck is the thing that matters because maths and probability are against you.


Of course there is virtual poker (Texas Hold’em , Five Card Draw or any other you like), spinning roulettes, Blackjack and other. For instance, in online poker you usually play against human opponents for big loads of cash. That’s much simpler compared to the poker machines where machine makes game rules. There are advantages for both players and casino owners if the game is played online. You can sit at home and play for fun. You still play for money against real people even if the dealer and the table don’t actually exist.

By creating online gambling sites, system has become cheaper and more efficient for owners, but also the life of gamblers is much simpler. If you live on the high mountain or in the desert or even in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or you don’t want to go to the nearest casino, all you need is the Internet connection and a casino will come to you. After you put some money in, you should pull the virtual lever and start to imagine yourselves travelling on a cruiser or flying in a private jet or maybe driving a favourite car. Whether you are playing Candy Store slots, Treasures of Egypt, Zeus III, roulettes or Blackjack, ,when the spinning stops, you should reconsider, who will win ?